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Having doubts regarding your printer’s offline? You’ve got nothing to worry about as we are here to solve all your printer offline error questions.


Changing the status of the HP printer from Offline to Online by trying to Reboot & Re-connect first Here are some tips that could help get you back your printer online

Changing the status of the Brother printer from Offline to Online by trying to Reboot & Re-connect first Here are some tips that could help get you back your printer online

Changing the status of the Canon printer from Offline to Online by trying to Reboot & Re-connect first Here are some tips that could help get you back your printer online

Changing the status of the Epson printer from Offline to Online by trying to Reboot & Re-connect first Here are some tips that could help get you back your printer online

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Why is my printer Showing offline?

At times, the printer cannot communicate with the computer and appears to be offline. There are some steps you can follow when your printer is offline.

  • The first and foremost step is to check and make sure that your printer is turned on and connected to the Wi-Fi the same as your system. You can either check your printer’s manual or its built-in menu to see which network it is connected to.
  • The next step is to confirm that your printer isn’t in ‘Use Printer Offline mode’. For checking that, you need to go to Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners. 
  • By following these steps your printer will be back online.

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Why does my printer keep saying its offline?

Sometimes my printer says its offline there can be a scenario where your printer is online and ready to print but your device or computer shows it to be offline. This problem is usually caused by an error between the printer and the computer. There are some basic physical checks you can do to see if your printer is properly connected or not. This includes reassuring if the USB cable is connected properly. If you notice no issues with the printer’s cable connectivity, make sure that your internet providing device is on or its cable is connected firmly. If the printer you are using is wireless, check that your internet connection is on and it is connected to the router.

How do you fix a printer that is offline? If your printer is not wireless, make sure that you insert your printer cable in different ports and sockets of your device. If still, your printer status is offline, you can try to use a different cable and make sure that the problem is not alone caused by the cable. On a network or wireless device, an easy step would be to check your cable to a computer or device to confirm that your printer is working. This would make it clear if the issue was with your internet connection.

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How to fix printer offline Windows 10?”

printer offline to online

The printer offline problem in Windows 10 is a common issue that can be resolved easily by turning off the “Use Printer Offline” option. If this method does not work, try shutting down your device or computer for about 60 seconds. This method may sound un-technical but at times your computer needs to be refreshed from errors and setting up the connection again. At times removing and re-adding the default printer can also solve your issue to a great extent. All you need to do is, select “Start”, go to the “Settings”, then in “Devices & Printers”. Now, select the “Remove Device” option and choose “Yes”. Now re-add the printer by going in the “Printer and Scanners” option and select “Add a printer”, now follow the instructions to re-add the printer.

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How do you change the status of a printer from offline to online?

Select Start

First Turn ON the printer and Make sure the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. Then Select windows (START) button

Settings > Devices

After Press START button then go to SETTINGS then go to DEVICES

Printers & Scanners


Do not Use Printer Offline mode

Why is my printer not connecting to my computer?

My Printer is Going offline: We understand that nothing can be more annoying than receiving an error message where your printer says it’s offline when you are trying to get work done. Repetitive printer offline status problem indicates that your device or computer is not communicating with your printer at that moment. This issue is mostly seen in wireless printers. When your printer keeps going offline, the reason can be an unsteady dynamic IP address. This address is used by the computer to identify your printer. This can be the reason why your device cannot communicate with the printer and keeps on losing connectivity repetitively. Another reason causing your Windows 10 printer to go offline can be a poorly configured wireless router or a wireless router improperly configured by the internet service provider.

To fix this issue, a static/stable ISP can be set for your printer using the following steps:

  • Turn your printer on and from your printer’s control panel, choose “Menu” and select the “System Setup” pop-up, and press OK. Scroll down till you reach Report. By selecting it, your IP address will be visible to you.
  • Now type this IP address into your browser. Your printer’s internal settings are now accessible.
  • First, select the Networking tab, after that, the wireless tab, and lastly the IPv4 tab.
  • Now you can set your IP manually.
  • Now enter your router’s IP as the gateway.
  • Now enter your router’s IP as the first DNS entry. Leave the second one as it is.
  • Click on “Apply”.
  • Shut down your router, as well as the printer.
  • Now restart your router, once it starts working, restarts your printer.
  • You might need to re-add your printer using “Add a Printer” with your new IP address.

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There are times your printer status is offline. You have to work but your printer says offline. In such cases, the tricks for printer offline fixes are to be followed.  Here are enlisted various methods which can help to bring your printer back online:

  • First, select “Settings” and then “Printers”. Next press right-click on the printer and go on “Use Printer Online”.
  • Select “Printer Menu” and deselect all the documents.
  • If any printer jam or job causes an issue, go offline.
  • Try to print again and get back your printer on online mode.
  • Test the printer for the error by printing a page.
  • Find the printer and switch off “Printer off mode” and then again turn it on.
  • Check the printer for jams causing an error.
  • All the network connections should be thoroughly checked for issues.

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How do I get my printer back online

Got a branded printer which is showing offline? Nothing to worry about because our company caters to you with the best printer repair methods irrespective of the brand to which the printer belongs. Here are a few easy steps by which you can change your printer back online:

    • Click the start button and go to Device and Printers.
    • This brings you to a screen showing you all the printers and devices that are connected to your printer.
    • Find your printer and right-click on it.
    • Go on “See What’s Printing” and a print spooler pop-up will show up.
    • Select the checkmark next to the “Use Printer Offline” option.
  • Now select “Printer” and remove the checkmark. 

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Reasons behind printer being offline again and again

We understand the frustration of our customers who are trying to print an important document and now reading solutions to “my printer says it’s offline”. There can be a lot of different reasons due to which your printer keeps going offline again and again. Some of the reasons are mentioned below printer is offline how to fix:

  • Because of inactivity or overloaded print jobs.
  •  Miscommunication between the printer & computer.
  • Lagging internet connection.
  • The printer might not be selected as the default printer.
  • Corrupted or faulty driver.
  • In case of a non-wireless printer, faulty USB cable.
  • Print spooler services may not be working.
  • “Use Printer Offline” is enabled.
  • A firewall might be blocking your printer from connecting.